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History of DePuy Orthopaedics

DePuy Orthopaedics (originally incorporated as DePuy Manufacturing) was founded in 1895. It is the oldest orthopedics company in the United States and is currently headquartered in Raynham, Massachusetts and Warsaw, Indiana. The company was founded by Revra Depuy when he created a fiber splint to replace barrel staves that had been used up until that point in the repair of fractures.

Without a doubt the company founder would find it hard to recognize his company today. With over 200 products and an international business that makes it one of the largest medical device manufacturers in the world DePuy is big business in every sense of the word. The company employees over 5,000 people and gross income has passed the $5 billion mark.

In 1998 DePuy was acquired by Johnson and Johnson Company. While Johnson and Johnson goes to great length to promote their company as a "family company" and their website sets very lofty goals for how their various businesses should be run the reality is that like any other large publicly traded company the pursuit of profit is at the very heart of their existence.

Various lawsuits over the years, including a shareholder lawsuit in 2010, have accused the company of very serious misconduct. In that lawsuit brought by a group of stockholders, the company was accused of paying bribes, covering up adverse effects of their products and engaging in marketing intended to promote off-label uses of their products.

Metallosis and the ASR Hip Implant

In 2010 the Depuy division was forced to recall its ASR hip prostheses from the market amid allegations of a higher than normal failure rate and evidence that as a result of friction or fretting metal ions were released into the blood of some patients resulting in a very serious condition known as metallosis.

In addition to the damages sustained by organs within the body from the metallosis it has been alleged that the metal has caused localized damage to tissue near the implantation sites resulting in significant disability to the patients. Perhaps worst of all are the allegations that DePuy failed to adequately test the product before marketing it to the public.

Unfortunately in the rush to bring the DePuy ASR to market it appears that DePuy failed to adequately test the ASR product prior to making it available to the public. Over 93,000 of these devices were implanted before DePuy issued a "voluntary" recall in 2010, essentially admitting that the product was both defective and a danger to those patients who had trusted the company when it had assured them the product was safe to use.

Problems with the ASR include product loosening, dislocation, bone fracturing near the implant as well as the metallosis issue. Unfortunately, the metallosis damage often occurs without obvious symptoms in the early stages making it extremely important for any metal on metal hip patients to undergo metallosis testing as soon as possible.

Help with Filing a Depuy ASR Claim

Every patient that has been implanted with a DePuy ASR hip device should immediately investigate their options with regard to the recall of that product. In addition to the medical review suggested above ASR patients should speak with someone fully acquainted with the legal aspects of the recall.

One option offered by DePuy is to speak with their agents, The Broadspire Company, whom they have hired to attempt to negotiate settlements on their behalf. Given the fact that DePuy is paying Broadspire for their services it is important that patients ask themselves where Broadspire's loyalties lie in the matter.

Given the fact that studies have suggested that recall patients represented by experienced counsel recover as much as three times as much for the injured patient Broadspire does not appear to be the right option.

Prior to speaking with Broadspire or any other persons claiming to represent DePuy regarding the recall of any of their hip devices you or your loved one should speak with an attorney who has experience dealing with the hip recall issues in general and the DePuy recall issues in particular. Get the information you need to make the right decision for you and your loved ones from a nationally recognized legal team who has only your interest to protect. The consultation is free….call today!

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